Monday, December 9, 2013

Returning to the Ninth World

So, unfortunately, the tremulus meetup didn't work out. All four of my players cancelled on account of the snow storm yesterday, so I just hung out and played Terraria all afternoon. Assuming the weather is not a dick this coming weekend, I'll be hosting Numenera.

Why not try again with tremulus? Well, the mojo is gone, for now. I ride these waves of inspiration out of one game and into the next. I've tried to control it, tried to fight the tide, but I just can't. I'm happier when I just ride that wave wherever it goes. And now, it's going to Numenera. I last played Numenera several months ago (the post is around here, somewhere). It was fun, but said inspiration left me right after the session, and I moved on to other things. But now, I'm back. I am letting returning players resume with their characters. Whether we will continue with the story we started in that previous session is another matter, however. I'm thinking we will, but right now I'm at the brainstorming stage of prep where I just want to get down as many cool ideas as I can think of and just roll with it.

When I last played Numenera, I was really trying to make something epic of it. I had all these narrated passages I was going to read, and a broad map of the story that I planned on fleshing out as time went on. I'm kinda done with that now, though. Now, I'm in kind of a freestyling place. I'm going to have some ideas ready, but overall, I want to work with what the players give me, rather than setting them up into a story. Numenera looks like it's going to be a great system for that; it's rules are so flexible and simple, I shouldn't have any problems going anywhere the players want to go. So my prep for this week is really just going to entail becoming as much of an expert on the world of Numenera as I can, and being ready to weave an adventure around my player's ideas.

Looking further down the road, I've got some other games I'm going to be exploring, too. 13th Age is coming in the mail this week, and I just picked up Lords of Gossamer and Shadown last week. And, of course, I still have a huge (and expensive) collection of Warhammer Fantasy RPG stuff on my shelf, waiting for play. We'll just have to see where the wave sends me next...

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