Friday, July 25, 2014

Boardgames at Lunch, 7/25/14

This afternoon, we played Pandemic. It ended, as it typically does, in disaster.

For those of you unaware of Pandemic, I prominently feature the game in an article I wrote that was recently published in Arlington Magazine.  Click the link to see it!

As you can tell, there were only four this Friday for games at lunch. Four is good, though. A lot of great games can be played with four people. We regularly have five, occasionally six. We're losing a regular next week, an intern who's moving on. To try and shake loose a few more co-workers, I'm thinking of moving next week's session to Thursdays. I know at least one guy who will definitely be in on that...but I also know one of my current regulars who will be out, due to a commitment she normally has on Thursdays. Would Wednesday be too weird?

Last night, this person I don't particularly like came up to me and talked about a trivia game she has that she'd like to bring (despite the low attendence, I have earned a bit of a reputation as "the game guy" around the office). The next morning (today), she dropped the game off at my desk. She then told me that she probably wouldn't be coming but "may stop in."

It was a little awkward, for me. Did she expect me to play this game? Was I giving off some vibe like I NEED more games or something? Worst of all, she hasn't attended a single one of these game-lunches. Not being a gamer herself (presumably), she has no idea what kinds of games we're playing. Coup, Pandemic, and Avalon aren't exactly in the same league as The Worst-Case Scenario Trivia Game. 

On a certain level, I was actually a little offended (no wonder I don't like her, huh?) I started this damn thing. I have a embarrassingly huge collection of boardgames. I don't need help with this! I got this! If she herself were attending and was requesting to play the game, now of course that's a different story. But she drops this thing off at my desk like this whole thing was her idea and I was just running it. Bullshit! She did show up, just as we were getting started on Pandemic. To her credit, she didn't seem put off at all that I totally ignored her game.

Anyways, we had a great time (despite the crushing defeat) and we're looking forward to it again next week!

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