Thursday, February 5, 2015

Territory Control

"Trigger=pulled!" I proudly proclaimed on my Facebook page, regarding my latest boardgame acquisition: XCOM: The Board Game.

That night, after my wife came home with the groceries, she said, "Ed, there are still a few of your board games in the car. Can you take them out and put them back on the shelf?"

"Sure," I said. I went to the car, grabbed Robinson Crusoe and Arctic Scavengers, and brought them into the walk-in closet where my bookshelf of tabletop stuff is stored.

I looked at the shelf...and discovered there was no space. Every shelf was crammed with every roleplaying game and boardgame I've purchased in the past several years. Imperial Assault. Rex. Battlestar Galactica. Panic On Wall Street. Freedom: The Underground Railroad. To name a few. Looks like I'm going to have to make another run to storage, where there's another collection of board games almost as big as this one. Legendary. Thunderstone. Conquest of Nerath. Space Alert. etc....

I am running out of space. I have boardgames literally stuffed into almost every corner of my home. Tales of Arabian Nights is discreetly tucked away under an end table in the living room. Those two games mentioned above are now overtaking the computer on my computer desk, along with all three D&D corebooks. Even my workspace is affected. In the drawers of my cubicle, one can find copies of Pandemic, Libertalia, and Hanabi. And just as I write this now, I remembered about the "emergency" copy of Coup in the side compartment on the rear driver's side door of my car. I literally cannot turn around in my work or home without bumping into tabletop games.
This is not my tabletop shelf, but it's a fair approximation. Minus Carcasonne, of course. Because that game SUCKS.

And it's a GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE! However, it is a problem, nevertheless. An extreme one, calling for an extreme solution. Yesterday evening, I went to the bank and got pre-approved for a mortgage. Time to buy a home!

Though, if anyone asks, it's because I'm 36 years old and I'm an adult and equity and buyer's market and blah blah blah. Definitely has nothing to do with how I need more space for my tabletop games. Nothing at all.

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  1. Congratulations on the Carlin Principal. The house is where we keep our stuff. When there isn't enough room, you get a bigger place, which in turn gives you room for MORE stuff!


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