Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Off the Dome

In an effort to generate more quick adventures, I tasked myself yesterday with coming up with 20 adventure ideas, Mad Men style, off the top of my head for later review. These are the 20 I came up with. 

Dear Reader, please look over these 20 ideas and tell me which, if any, have potential for becoming a full-length adventure. If you have any other modifications or tweaks to these ideas, let me know!

  1. The Strange: Players are sent/stuck in a recursion based on cheesy 90’s action films.
  2. Star Wars: Age of Rebellion: Players are stuck on a star destroyer and must escape.
  3. Fate Core: A “GM-less” zombie apocalypse game where the PC’s must survive, and address things like food, shelter, defense, etc.
  4. D&D or Numenera: An “Oregon Trail” like adventure where the PCs must travel across a fantasy landscape and deal with various issues like food, shelter, weather, wandering monsters, etc.
  5. Sci-fi/space opera RPG: The PCs crash-land on a hostile alien planet and must defend themselves/survive until a drop ship comes to pick them up.
  6. Shadowrun: The runners are hired to stop an armored van moving drugs.
  7. Cortex Plus Dramatic: Players are pro wrestlers in a wrestling promotion; adventure is a week in their life leading up to the live show.
  8. The Strange: PCs must translate to a recursion based on high school TV shows/movies to track down a dangerous foe.
  9. World of Darkness/God Machine Chronicle: The PCs must go undercover with a cult that worships the God Machine.
  10. Sci-fi RPG: Players are athletes in a future sport and their team is fighting to get into the playoffs.
  11. D&D: The PCs discover an abandoned town and explore/loot it, trying to discover what happened to the townsfolk.
  12. D&D: The PCs have been shrunken down to miniature size and must find a way to undo the curse/spell.
  13. Call of Cthulhu: The PCs are bootleggers and have some kind of run-in with the Mythos.
  14. Sci-fi: The PCs are floating in space, trying to repair a ship or something. Comms are down, so the players cannot speak to each other, and must communicate with the GM via notes.
  15. Zombie apocalypse: The PCs must move between two buildings from the roof. They cannot leave the roof because mobs of zombies are on the other side of the door. The buildings are too far away from each other to jump; however, a cable is connected to both buildings. The players have to find a way across using the cable.
  16. Numenera: The PCs must bring a dead body to a special place that can bring the dead back to life. The PCs must navigate several environmental issues to move the body, such as over a chasm, through a river, etc.
  17. Superhero RPG: The PC heroes are on the trail of a supervillain who hunts down the affluent, successful, and wealthy of the world, murders them, and breaks their empires down.
  18. Contemporary action RPG: Terrorists take over a restaurant, taking the patrons hostage. The PCs must break in and save the day.
  19. D&D: The PCs work for a nobleman who is trying to get a position of prominence in the king’s court. The PCs must influence, blackmail, or even assassinate key personnel to make this happen.
  20. Contemporary action RPG: A remake of Jurassic Park. The PCs arrive on the island and all hell breaks loose.

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