Friday, August 15, 2014


I want to go to Gencon SO BADLY!

I have never been to a convention before. I had a chance to do AwesomeCon this year, here in D.C., but I passed. I want to do a tabletop convention, dammit! Gencon or bust, baby!

And when I DO get a chance to go to Gencon, I want to run a game there. Anything, really. I feel like GMing a convention gig is like a public performance, like a concert for RPGs. I could meet so many new people, including several "in the biz." I've said before I don't really want a job in the industry, but being on a friend-basis with some people in the business would be awesome.

I want to try out all the new games. I want to double my luggage size with new tabletop stuff, Gencon-exlusive swag, and other various memorabilia. I want to eat at Steak & Shake. I want to take a bunch of pictures with my phone and post them all over G+ and Twitter. I want to take selfies with sci-fi authors and cosplayers. I want to watch panels and nod my head appreciatively. I want to gawk at extraordinarily detailed and expensive miniature models. I want to make comments about how weird it smells in the crowded convention hall. It all just sounds so alive. In a hobby all about person-to-person contact, a convention feels like a living, breathing thing that transcends even the collective experience of gaming with others.

Anyways, that's all for today.

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